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Citron [Etrog/Esrog] Marmalade - pareve

Posted by : Blanche Nonken

From: Lacherez@uq.net.au (Rose-Marie Lacherez)
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 18:37:25 +1000

Thanks for your interest in the Etrog marmalade recipe. I am enclosing
it below. Notice that the process is fairly elastic. I was given this
"recipe" years ago by an elderly lady (she called it her "foolproof
recipe") and have used it for all kind of Citrus marmalade. The process
can be adapted to any Citrus (oranges, lime, cumquats, mandarine 
etc...) or to a mixture of varieties but note:

-The fruit should be washed and scrubbed if they have been waxed.

-Lemon juice should always be added as the pectin content in Citrus

-To test marmalade: place a plate in the freezer and let cool for about
5 minutes. Put a few drops of marmalade on the plate. If the surface of
the marmalade makes ripples when touched, the marmalade has set.

Etrog Marmalade

(Oranges can be added if there aren't enough Etrog. The smell and
flavour of Etrog permeates the marmalade)
Lemon juice

Peel the etrog, trying not to get any of the white pith. Cut the peels
into thin threads. Peel the white pith away and discard. Cut the Etrog
flesh in thin slices, putting the pips aside. Put the pips in a muslin

(If adding oranges, the preparation process of the fruit is identical)

Put peels, flesh and muslin bag in a stainless steel or glass container,
cover with water and let stand overnight.

Cook until the peels are tender. Let stand overnight

Using a cup, measure cooked pulp. To each cup of pulp, add a cup of
sugar.Add the juice of 1-2 lemons. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Bring
to the boil and cook until it jellies when tested

Tell the people in rec.jewish.cooking that they can contact me if they
have any questions at my e-mail address. After all, I am half-Jewish,
although I must confess of having rather bad memories of my paternal,
Alsatian grandmother and aunts' cooking...

Have you tried to grow Etrog from pips? They come true to type and make
a small shrub which could probably grow in a large tub.

All the best

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