Cheese: Baked Apricot Brie Appetizer

posted by Ingrid 11-04-102 6:21 PM

Baked Apricot Brie Appetizer

1 (41/2 oz) brie cheese
4 Tablespoons apricot preserve
1 pkg, Crescent rolls or 2 sheets of phyllo dough., brushed with melted butter

Scrape white off Brie cheese. Cut an X on top of Brie, 3/4 way through. Fill opening X and top of Brie with apricot preserve. Wrap with the crescent dough or phyllo dough. Bake in small ovenproof dish at 350 for 20 minutes. Serve warm with crackers.

You can also use other kinds of cheese to do the same thing with. Also have tried to do Edam with some chilies wrapped in Crescent dough, Pretty good as well.

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