Cucumber Canapes

posted by Cissy 05-19-98 3:40 PM

Cucumber Canapes

1 cucumber
6 oz cream cheese
1 Tbsp milk
1 tin rolled anchovies (they're rolled around capers)

Score cucumber with a fork to make stripes along the length of the cucumber. Slice into thick discs.

Place on paper towels to drain. (You will need as many slices as there are rolled anchovies, usually 10 per tin)

Mix cream cheese and milk and put mixture into pastry bag.

Drain anchovies on paper towels, patting to remove as much of packing oil as possible.

Pipe a circle of cream cheese onto cucumbers and place a rolled anchovy atop cream cheese.

NOTE: You can use cucumbers as a base for just about any cold appetizer recipe that uses crackers.

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