Dip Spinach Dip in Bread Bowl

posted by Terra80 12-14-100 12:19 PM

Spinach (Swamp) Dip in Bread Bowl
source: forums.about.com by: MEG336

2 loaves round, dark pumpernickle bread
Cut top off one, above center mark, and hollow out bottom. (Other loaf is for spare.) Smear butter generously around inside of hallowed-out bottom to prevent sogginess.

Mix equal parts sour cream and real mayonnaise (eg. 16 oz. sour cream to same amount mayo)
1 pkg. Knorr Swiss dry vegetable soup mix
1 pkg. Knorr Swiss dry herb mix
1 pkg. frozen, thawed, very well-drained, chopped spinach

Mix all ingredients and let sit in fridge for awhile to meld flavors. Salt and pepper to taste. Ladle dip into buttered bread bowl and cut rmaining into dip-size pieces and place around loaf bowl. You'll need 2nd loaf as a reserve, for more dipping pieces or to start over again

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