Miscellaneous Reunification Noodle Knots

posted by Liz Thomas 12-18-99 4:23 AM

Reunification Noodle Knots

Spaghetti -- amount depends upon number of people
Vegetable oil for deep frying
Salt and spices -- to taste -- see note

Boil spaghetti in the usual way till just "al dente" --be very careful not to boil too much as it will break when you try to knot it.

Drain and immediately rinse with cold water to stop cooking. Shake well and tip onto a flat plate.
The next bit is tedious so make a cup of tea, or open a beer, or whatever you fancy, make yourself comfortable.

Take two strands of spaghetti at a time and knot them together in a series of different knots. Make some overhand knots, some a series of knots along the string, some like little nooses, whatever your imagination or your fingers think of. It's tricky to start with but gets easier as you get used to it. If the spaghetti gets too sticky moisten it with a little water from time to time.

As you make them lay them on lightly oiled baking sheets and leave till completely dry. They can be put in front of the dehimidifier, but an airing cupboard or a very low oven would probably be just as good.

Once completely dry and brittle (they'll look like uncooked spag again) you can keep them for ever.

To serve: Heat oil till very hot, drop in knots a few at a time. They will puff up like prawn crackers in just seconds. Let cook briefly till only just turning very light beige and drain immediately on kitchen paper.

While still hot sprinkle with salt and spices.

Keep in airtight boxes till needed -- not too long, best cooked just before being used.

Note: Salt and spices -- salt on it's own is OK but you can ring the changes however you want with cayenne pepper, five spice powder, etc.

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