Polynesian Shrimp Dip

posted by Sue Freeman 08-17-98 7:25 AM


By Debbie Olah

1 whole pineapple
1 pound cooked/cleaned shrimp
black olives, sliced in half
toothpicks with frilled ends
2 cups sour cream
1 tsp. curry powder
1/2 tsp. salt

Clean and cut top off of pineapple. Reserve the top for added decoration on the serving platter. Remove fruit, leaving 1/2 inch wall around inside of pineapple.

Cut fruit into bite size chunks and arrange on toothpicks, starting with a pineapple chunk, shrimp, olive half.) Put ice in carved-out pineapple and put a cup for the dip into the pineapple. (May use sour cream container.)

Mix sour cream with curry powder and salt. May also add some pineapple juice. Spoon dip into cup in pineapple. Place pineapple on a platter, surround with lettuce and toothpicks of fruit/shrimp/olives.

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