Pot Stickers Asian Dumplings by lisa

posted by lisa bowley 02-06-99

2 Tablespoons oil 2 bunches spring onions, coursely chopped
shredded cabbage
shredded carrots
bean sprouts
water chestnuts
1 1/2 C ground beef/pork/chicken/turkey (your choice)
5-8 fresh mushrooms-chopped
1 C bamboo shoots-optional
2 egg yolks
1 tsp rice wine - optional
2 tsp flour
dash of pepper, salt and ACCENT if desired
10-12 SIMEX lumpia wrappers
2 egg whites
1/2 C sesame seeds- optional
1/2 shrimps-shelled

Use skillet or frying pan

Put 2 tbsp of oil in skillet until warm and fry garlic and onions until tender. Add meat and fry until done.

Combine all ingredients and cover until half cooked--simmer temperature.

Remove ingredients from the skillet and drain the oil.

Lay out lumpia wrappers and put 1 tbsp of cooked filling into the wrapper. Roll and seal the edges with beaten egg or
water. Then deep fry until brown.

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