Vegetable Papas Rellenos by jeanndan

Papas Rellenos by jeanndan

Posted by: jeanndan 06-28-99 8:15 AM

Papas Rellenos

3 large potatoes, peeled and boiled
1 lb. Seasoned ground beef or picadillo
2 eggs, beaten
Dry bread crumbs
Cooking oil

Mash potatoes and let cool.

Scoop a golf-ball sized amount of mashed potatoes, split handful in half, making a little bowl out of each half.

Stuff indentation in each half with ground beef or picadillo.

Bring two halves together and smooth to make a round ball.

Dip balls into beaten egg, then roll in flour until lightly covered.

Dip ball in egg again and roll in bread crumbs to coat thoroughly.

Add oil to frying pan to 1" deep.

Heat oil to frying stage and drop Pape Rellenos into hot oil.

Cook for about two minutes or until golden brown.Turn balls and cook other half 2 more minutes.

Note: Can also be cooked in a deep fat for about 3 minutes, or until golden brown.

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