Veggie Roll Ups

 Posted by Sue Freeman

Veggie Tortilla roll ups 

  3 large flour tortilla shells 
  2 red onions 
  2 jalepenos...roasted and cleaned 
  3 green , red, and yellow peppers....roasted and cleaned 
    3 zuchini 
  3 squash 
  1 cup corn 
  8 green onions 
  canola oil 
  3 tomatoes...peeled and seeded 

  1 1/2 c sour cream 
  1 T garlic chopped 
  3/4 c guacamole 
  salt and pepper to taste 
  1/2 t chili pepper 
  1 T chopped Cilantro 
  1 t cumin 
  2 T parsley chopped 

  2 cups monterey jack cheese 

Thinly slice all veggies except tomatoes and saute in skillet season with spices. Do not 
saute til soggy make sure they have some bite to them and still retain 
their color. Add tomatoes and set aside.

Combine sour cream, garlic and guacamole. Spread evenly over tortilla 
shells, fill shells with veggies and then shredded cheese. 

Roll up tightly and slice into 2 inch pieces on the diagonal. Secure with 
toothpick. Serve with a black bean salsa. 

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