Brownies: Microwave Cocoa Brownies

posted by Becky 06-12-102 9:11 PM

Microwave Cocoa Brownies
From: Ideals Hershey's Cookbook

2 tbsp shortening
1/3 c butter or margarine
1/4 c plus 2 tbsp cocoa
1 c sugar
2 eggs
1 c flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 c chopped nuts, opt.

In a microwave safe bowl, melt shortening and butter. Stir in cocoa until smooth. Add sugar and blend well. Add eggs and beat until well blended. Stir in remaining ingredients and mix. Spread into a lightly greased 8 inch round microwave dish.

Microwave on medium (300 to 350 watts) for 7 minutes, turning every 3 minutes. Microwave on high (600 to 700 watts) for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the brownies is puffed and dry on top. Cool until set. Cut into wedges and serve (with ice cream!)

NOTES: Please adapt for the wattage of your microwave, recipe was written for 600 to 700 watt.
I cooked in an 1100 watt microwave, 3:40 minutes for medium and 1:45 on high.

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