Formed Cookies Special CC Cookies

posted by mrs ruffus 09-29-98 11:35 AM

Special C.C.Cookies

2/3 c butter 2/3 c shortening
1 c of brown packed sugar 2 egg's
2 t. vanilla 3 c. flour(all purpose)
1 t.salt 1 t. of bakinsoda
1 c. nuts
1 (12 oz.) pk of chocolate morsel's 1 1 pkg. of hershey's almond kisses

mix shortening thru vanilla well, then stir in the flour little at a time then mix in all except hershey kisses,(for rounder softer cookies add 1/2 c more flour )now scoop dough by tablespoon amounts and take a hershey almond kiss and
wrap dough around it. 375 10 minutes ,makes 7 dozen's,

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