Icing: Faux Poured Fondant

posted by Chefmom 12-14-101 11:02 AM

Faux Poured Fondant

2 pounds powdered sugar, sifted
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1 teaspoon clear vanilla for flavor
1/2+ cup water (check consistency with a simple syrup I keep on hand (equal parts by measure of sugar and water, heat to melt and keep in the fridge, use this to thin the consistency when needed.)

Combine all the ingredients in a heavy saucepan and over very low heat, stirring constantly, melt and stir until a smooth mixture. Keep an eye on the heat. If you touch it to your finger it should stay around body heat (100 degrees). Add more water for a thinner consistency, if you want a thin coat, and for a thicker coat, or if you are using this for the flooding decorating technique, you want it a hair thick, but not thicker than light cream.

Hold item on a spatula or fork over the saucepan and with a ladle, pour a large amount over the top. Allow to pour over the sides and coat evenly, then place the item on a cooling rack over a sheet pan to catch any more drips. Allow to set up and then decorate the tops, or leave plain.

If using for flooding techniques, use royal icing to pipe the lines, allow to set up about 30 minutes, then flood with slightly warm fondant. It is easiest to use small squirt bottles (can buy these at cake supply stores) for flooding the cookies.

This batch usually ices about 2 - 3 dozen 3 to 4 inch sugar cookies. This recipe is based on the Wilton quick-pour fondant, with my own personal changes.

**NOTE** use this only for goodies that will be used in a day or two. It gives the nice smooth surface like royal icing, but it's much more palatable.

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