Miscellaneous Hamburger Cookies

posted by alsgirl 12-26-98 11:46 AM


Nilla Wafers
Keebler Grasshopper Cookies (a small, chocolate-covered
round mint cookie)
Frosting, tinted pink - to be used as the "glue" that
holds the finished product together & also as the
"ketchup" - used canned frosting, mixed with a few
drops of red food coloring...
Shredded coconut, tinted green (for the "lettuce")


1. Put a small dab of pink frosting on the bottom of
one Nilla Wafer (this is the "glue"), then press on a
Grasshopper Cookie (this is the "hamburger").

2. Sprinkle a good pinch of green-tinted shredded
coconut on top of the "hamburger" (this is the "lettuce").

3. Take a 2nd Nilla Wafer (this will be the top of the hamburger bun) and put a good dab of pink frosting over the bottom (you want it to be visible from the sides of the cookie, as this is the "ketchup" or "special sauce"). Invert and put on the top of the cookie stack you are making. Press slightly on the top to hold everything together. Let "dry" slightly for "glue" to set.

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