Rolled Cookies Raisin Filled Cookies by Paula

Paula Anderson posted 03-10-99 2:11 PM

Gram's Raisin cookies

simmer 1 c. raisins with 1/2c. sugar & 1/2c.water. Then when they are plumped, blend (she used one of those old
meat grinders) to make the filling.

Cream: 2c. sugar
1c. shortening (they only had white Crisco)
Add: 2 eggs
1tsp vanilla
Combine the dry ingredients:
5 c. flour
5 tsp baking powder (maybe they were worried it wasn't potent enough!)
1 tsp salt
Add to the creamed mixture alternately with :
1c. milk

Roll the dough out to a medium thickness and cut into circles. (I chill the dough a little..)

Put spoonful of raisin filling on each circle and then cover with anothr circle and bake till done.

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