Twinkie Dessert

posted by Kitty 07-17-98 5:30 PM

Twinkie Dessert

10 Hostess Twinkies
1 large (6 oz.) box instant vanilla pudding mix
5 regular size Heath Candy Bars
1 (8 oz.) Cool Whip, thawed

Cut Twinkies in half, lengthwise, and place bottom half, cream side up, in bottom of 9x13-inch dish.

Mix pudding according to directions on box and spread on twinkies.

Crush Heath Bars (not too fine; leave in small chunks) Sprinkle over pudding, reserving a handful for top.

Top with remaining Twinkies, cream side down. Spread cool whip on top. Sprinkle with reserved, crushed heath bars. refrigerate..

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