Whole Cherry Dumplings with Cherry Kirsch Sauce

posted by Sue Freeman 03-22-99 6:53 PM

From: Fresh Fruit Desserts Classic and Contemporary by Sheryl and Mel London
Whole Cherry Dumplings with Cherry Kirsch Sauce

Cherry Kirsch Sauce:
3 (12 oz) pkgs of frozen pitted cherries
1/2 cup sugar
pinch of salt
3/4 cup water
1 Tablespoon arrowroot
1/3 cup kirsch

Remove 24 cherries from the pkg and put the rest in the freezer until ready to use. Put the 24 cherries in a medium sized saucepan and add sugar, salt, and water. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Strain the cherry liquid through a strainer into a bowl reserving the whole cherries in the strainer.

Return liquid to the saucepan. Dissolve arrowroot in 2 tablespoons of cold water and add to the liquid in the saucepan. Stir and cook over low heat for 5 minutes until thickened and add the kirsch. Return to the whole cherries to the liquid and just before serving reheat for 2 to 3 minutes.

Cherry Dumplings:
1 cup flour
l teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsps finely zested orange peel
1 tsp finely zested lemon peel
1/3 cup milk plus 1 to 2 tablespoons more if needed
2 tsps butter, melted and cooled
24 pitted frozen cherries, thawed

Sift the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt together in a mixing bowel. Add the lemon and orange zests and stir. Trickle the milk and butter over the dry ingredients and mix until mixture is moistened and blended. You may need the extra milk here. DO not overmix.

Divide the dough into 24 equal pieces. Roll each piece into a 3 inch circle.

Place one cherry in the center of each circle and wet the outside edges of the dough and fold the dough to enclose the cherry. Place each one in the palm of your hand and form a ball. If the dough does not stick together, lightly dampen your palms with water and press dough together. Repeat with each piece of dough until all dumplings are made.

Place finished dumplings on a plate covered with wax paper and chill while preparing the rest of the dumplings.

Add one inch of boiling water to a 10 inch skillet with a tight fitting lid. Spray or brush steamer or wire rack with a nonstick spray. Place dumplings in the steamer or rack leaving space between each one so they don't touch. Cover and steam for 10 minutes.

Pour cherry sauce in the bottom of a heavy ovenproof serving dish and place them in the sauce and repeat the procedure until all dumplings are cooked. Serve hot with a sprinkling of granulated sugar on top.

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