Ice Cream Snowballs

posted by Dayle BC 12-25-99 12:00 AM

Ice Cream Snowballs

For each snowball:
1 marachino cherry, chocolate covered cherry or truffle
1/4 cup vanilla ice cream, slightly softened
1/4 cup chocolate ice cream, slightly softened
whipped cream or Cool Whip®
chocolate shots, white coconut, chocolate sauce, for garnish

Using slightly softened vanilla ice cream, form a snowball around the candy. Do this by putting the ice cream in plastic wrap and work with it in your hands until you have a ball. Twist the plastic wrap tightly and put back into the freezer.

Later add a layer of chocolate ice cream. Use a fresh piece of plastic wrap. Twist tightly and place in freezer. This can be done several days ahead. Do one ball at a time, work quickly and keep in the deep freezer.

Using whipped cream or whipped topping, take ice cream 'snowballs' out of wrapping and place on cookie sheet. Carefully frost (use a combination of dabbing and spreading) with topping. Sprinkle with chocolate shot, white coconut or whatever and freeze on cookie sheet. Add decorations too if desired. Once hard place in plastic container or carefully cover with plastic wrap again.

To serve, place in dessert dish or on a small plate that has been drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Use your imagination. This dessert is easy, looks great and is inexpensive.

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