Frozen: Stacked Angel Food Sherbet Cake

posted by Mai 04-11-103 6:18 AM

Stacked Angel Food Sherbet Cake

1 purchased angel food tube cake
1 pint lime sherbet
1 pint lemon sherbet
1 pint raspberry sherbet

Freeze cake in its pan. Remove frozen cake from pan and cut into 4 layers. Reassemble cake with 1 pint each of softened sherbet between each layer. Reassemble cake and wrap in plastic wrap and aluminum foil and freeze again.

Remove from freezer and frost with Cool Whip. Dip cake knife in hot water and then wipe dry with clean cloth for slicing.

NOTE: Can frost Cool Whip with coconut for Easter cake and decorate top with jelly beans. Also can tint coconut with food coloring if so desire

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