Fruit: Sauteed Apples in Vanilla Butter

posted by Mai 04-30-102 6:27 AM

Sauteed Apples in Vanilla Butter

1 pound butter, softened
3 plump vanilla beans, whole
4 ripe apples, medium sized*

Soften butter by covering it and letting it sit out for at least one hour. Slit vanilla bean pods and scrape seeds out with a paring knife. Discard pods. Once butter is softened, place in food processor with the vanilla bean seeds, puree for approximately one minute and set aside.

Blanch apples in boiling water for approximately 15 seconds and run under ice water to stop the cooking process. Peel the skins off the apples and cut into quarters.

In a deep sauté pan, over low heat, melt butter. Maintaining low heat, add apples and cook for approximately 10 minutes. Serve the apples by removing from the sauté pan and spooning over dish of choice. Ladle teaspoons of remaining butter over dish to taste.

*Bosc Pears can serve as a substitute for apples.

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