Fruit: Strawberry-Angel Food Dessert

posted by bingham 02-02-101 6:54 AM

Strawberry-Angel Food Dessert

Sugar free Angel food cake- sliced in thin slices
1 large box plus one small box of instant SUGAR FREE vanilla pudding
strawberries (fresh or unsweetened frozen) sliced
bananas sliced
Lite Cool Whip

Slice angel food cake and line a 9x13 dish. Mix pudding according to the directions for pie filling. Pour over cake using a spatula to spread evenly. Arrange strawberry and banana slices on top of pudding mixtures. Spread Cool Whip over the top and refrigerate.

NOTES: I made the large box of pudding using the pie filling recipe. This recipe called for less milk and make the pudding thicker. I mixed the small box of pudding using a little more milk so it would not be as thick. I made it the day before I served it.

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