Gelatin: Fruit Fluff

posted by bionicgal 01-31-101 7:46 AM

Fruit Fluff

16 oz. Cool Whip
8 oz. sour cream or yogurt*
small package of jello**
can of fruit cocktail***

Drain the fruit cocktail. Mix the cool whip and sour cream together. Add the dry package of jello and mix in completely. You can make this the day before if you want.

*You can either use plain yogurt of fruited to match the jello (peach, strawberry etc).

**Use what ever flavor jello matches the theme colors (blueberry for boy, strawberry or cherry for girl, peach for unknown). If it is raining or humid you may need more than the small package of jello.

***you can use all peaches or what ever sort of fruit or berries you want.

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