Easy Anginetti Creampuffs

posted by MrsBoogie 06-11-99 4:52 PM

from Stella D'oro Anginetti cookie bag
Easy Anginetti Creampuffs

1 package Anginetti
1 cup (8 oz.) prepared whipped topping (not aerated can)
1 (8-1/4 oz.) can crushed pineapple
3 oz. package cream cheese, room temperature

Prepare Anginetti by slicing off tops. Hold aside.

Drain crushed pineapple, leaving a little juice.

Mix whipped topping and cream cheese together in a bowl about 1 minute at medium speed. Add crushed pineapple and blend all 3 ingredients for about 1 minute at low speed.

Drop filling from tablespoon onto bottom layers of cookies, replace tops. Refrigerate puffs until ready to serve. (Filling should be enough to fill all or most of the cookies in the package).

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