Turkey Dessert

posted by Cheesehead 07-12-98 8:08 PM

Tail-a package of the round fudge stripe cookies (
Body-A vanilla cream. They are available during the holidays, they are shaped cone shaped
Feet-A Brach's candy star
Head-is a candy corn
Hat-At the flat end of the candy corn is a chocoalte chip
The glue-Is melted chocolate chips

Take the flat end of the vanilla cream, dip it in the melted chocolate, stick it to the stiped side of the cookie. Dip the top of the candy star in the chocolate and stick to the under side of the vanilla cream, balancing the body on it and so that the tail rests on the table, this helps keep it up right.

Use toothpicks to smear a little chocolate along one long side of the candy corn and stick that to the top side of the vanilla cream. I stick a little chocoalte chip on the circular side for the hat. Then put dots on for eyes. Since most candy corn has 3 colors the white looks a bit like a nose.

Have also heard of Oreos used for the tail, but I like the stripes.

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