Pudding: Ryan's Oreo Cream Pudding

posted by marleah 02-09-102 1:30 PM

Ryan's Oreo Cream Pudding

1 prepared 4 serving package of chocolate pudding
1 (8 oz) tub Cool Whip
1 big bag of Oreo-type cookies Recipe uses approximately 20

Squoosh up the cookies so some are big and some are little. Stir them into the prepared chocolate pudding. Use a pretty bowl. Swirl all the Cool Whip except 1 cup into the pudding. (It is important to leave some of the pudding plain chocolate and some of the Cool Whip plain so there are 3 kinds of swirl.) "Frost" the top of the pudding with Cool Whip so it is white and pretty. Sprinkle Oreo bits on top so it is pretty. It is hard but don't eat it right away. If you wait a bit the cookies are soft and creamy!

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