Watermelon Syrup

posted by Southern 09-21-98 7:41 PM

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Cut very ripe melons into chunks, then use a potato masher and a food mill to crush the chunks. Put juice through a jelly bag or cheese cloth.

Using the largest pot you have, cook on low until syrup is thick enough to suit. (Check by putting a little on a plate to cool.) You can keep adding juice as it cooks down. Put up in pints while hot and seal.

If you have a freezer, you can freeze the juice first, then break off the ice that is mostly water. It really cuts down on the cooking time. Also, as the syrup cooks, foam and bits of "stuff" will rise. It doesn't hurt anything, but the syrup is prettier if you skim it off.

SOURCE: Jenny Johnson (http://www.webfirst.com/homestead/archive/198.txt)

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