Chocolate Trifle

posted by marleah 10-27-98 5:24 PM
Chocolate "Trifle"

Bake a chocolate cake from a mix
Make chocolate pudding (two large boxes worth)
Defrost a 16 oz tub of Cool Whip
Crush/grate/crumble 3 Heath Bars or other chocolate covered toffee bars into small crumbs

Layer these in a large bowl (a glass punch bowl makes the nicest effect). First chunks of cake, then some pudding, then some Cool Whip, then some candy bar. (Optional, can squirt some Hershey's syrup on the cake before layering pudding on it.)

You'll get 3-4 layers. End up with Cool Whip on top and sprinkle the remaining candy bits on top in a pretty pattern. This can sit in the fridge overnight if covered well in plastic wrap, and still be fine the next day.

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