Ginger Beer

Maree posted 03-10-99 12:47 AM

Ginger Beer

A couple of things. 1st this tends to be a bit on the explosive side, so I *strongly* suggest that you store it in the PET (plastic) soda drink bottles.

2nd and this arises from '1'. Store somewhere where exploding bottles are not going to be a *huge* (wet, sticky) problem.

3rd, best after a 3-4 week 'brewing' period.

4th and it goes without saying, I bought a special bucket etc for the making of the ginger beer and I keep it 'away' from other buckets we have so that no-one uses 'my' bucket for other than ginger beer

In a large glass vat, place 6 sultanas (?golden raisins); 2 teaspoons dried ginger, 4 teaspoons of sugar and a pint (600ml) cold water. Stir and leave in a cool spot.

Every day, feed the starter with 4 teaspoons sugar and 2 teaspoons of ginger. Stir after feeding. This becomes your ginger beer 'plant.' The 'plant' is ready to use after 1 week.

Making the Ginger Beer: First, make sure your (lots of) bottles are clean and dry. In a large (clean) bucket, place 1 kg (around 2lb) of sugar and 2 pints boiling water, stir to dissolve the sugar. Add the juice of four lemons.

Strain the ginger beer plant (the stuff in the jar) through a clean cloth- like an old teatowel to line a large strainer. Pour the 'plant' onto the lined strainer which has been placed over the bucket.

Squeeze all of the liquid in the plant out into the bucket. Put the plant aside in a clean place for the moment. Add 14 pts of cool water to the bucket. Stir well and bottle. Allow some room at the top of the bottle for expansion and to decrease the risk of explosion- not always foolproof, though. Seal and store safely.

Discard half of the plant (or give away). Place the other half back into a clean jar with 1 pint water and feed it as above and then again for a week when you can make up another batch.

The starter gets better with age. If going away, refrigerate the plant and when you return, feed it and add a couple more sultanas. Then feed as normal.

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