Strawberry Liqueur

posted by Southern 09-03-98 5:56 AM

Strawberry Liqueur

3 cups fresh strawberries, cut into thirds (use wild strawberries for stronger more distinctive flavor)
3 tablespoons confectioners sugar
3 cups vodka
1 cup sugar syrup (boil 1 cup sugar to 1 or 2 cups water)

Remove stems, then sprinkle confectioners sugar over strawberries. After sugar dissolves, add berries to vodka. Steep for 2 weeks. Crush berries through a strainer back into the liquid. Filter. Add syrup. Mature for 1 week. Filter again. Yields 5 cups. (For creme de fraises, add 2 cups sugar syrup.)

SOURCE: Dona Meilach, "Homemade Liqueurs" (Chicago: Contemporary Books, Inc., 1979)

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