Punch: Slushy Punch

posted by Phyllis 03-24-102 11:13 AM

Slushy Punch

1 gallon orange juice
1 gallon lemon drink or lemonade
46 oz can pineapple juice
4 bananas
4-5 (2 liter) lemon-lime drinks

Puree 2 bananas with part of the pineapple juice, pour into a large pot or container, then process the
next 2 bananas the same way. Add remaining pineapple juice, lemon drink, and orange juice, mixing well.

Dip approx 6-8 cups into gallon zip lock bags. Lay on side in a large pan in freezer, freeze til solid.

Early in day of serving, chill drinks. 2 hours before serving, remove bags of punch from freezer.

To serve: Place 1 or 2 bags of punch in bowl and begin to break apart with large fork and potato masher, adding 1 bottle of drink, then another. You decide how thick and slushy you want this. We make an ice ring using sliced oranges, and cherries in a bundt pan. Pour a small amount of lemon lime drink to just cover the fruits, freeze, then add more drink, freeze, until you have the desired thickness.

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