Punch: White Punch Recipes by Becky

posted by Becky 10-29-101 11:42 AM

White Ginger Punch with Strawberries

2 bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling white grape juice (or other non-alcoholic champagne)
1-2 Liter of Ginger Ale
32 oz of pineapple juice
16 oz of sweet-n-sour mix ( a bar mix, not sauce!)
1 package of dry lemonade mix

Mix all ingredients and then add ice to fill the punch bowl. Float sliced strawberries on top and enjoy!

White Punch

4 to 5 ripe bananas, mashed
1 cup lemon juice
2 cups sugar
2 cups light cream
42 ounces lemon-lime soda, chilled
1 pint lime sherbet

Beat together bananas, juice and sugar; chill. Pour into punch bowl; stir in cream. Slowly add soda. Float spoonfuls of sherbet in punch.

Makes 40 servings.

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