Kool Ade Punch by Kayce

posted by Kayce 07-11-100 10:29 AM

2 pkgs regular Kool-Aid
1 1/2-2 cups sugar
1 (46 oz.) can unsweeted pineapple juice (shake can before opening)
water to make a gallon.

Using a funnel, pour Kool-Aid, sugar, and, pineapple juice in the gallon jug. Put top on and shake real well to mix. Slowly pour cold water to within 1-2 inches from the top. Screw cap on and freeze till slushy, pour into punch bowl.

Serve slushy, or as it thaws it will still be cold. May use a ring mold with this one too.

When putting in punch bowl pour all liquid in, cap bottle, turn over and cut the bottom out of the jug. Add it to the bowl.

Note: Lemonade flavor, makes yellow punch. Strawberry flavor makes a bright red. Cherry flavor makes dark red. Lime flavor makes a dark green. Pink lemonade flavor makes a peachy pink color.

You can also add 1 qt.of ginger ale to this when serving.

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