Tea: Refreshing Citrus-Minted Iced Tea

posted by Maree 11-21-102 5:05 AM

Refreshing Citrus-Minted Iced Tea

4 teasp. tea leaves
zest of a lemon
zest of an orange
handful of fresh mint leaves.
litre boiling water
300-350 g sugar
4 (Aus.)/ 5 tabs+ 1 teasp. lemon juice
4 (Aus.)/ 5 tabs+ 1 teasp. fresh orange juice
500 mls (1 pint) sparkling mineral water, non flavoured (or nv. champagne/sparkling dry/Brut wine)
ice cubes,
fresh, halved strawberries
sprigs of mint.

Put the tea leaves, mint, sugar and zests into a jug and pour on the boiling water to cover. Stir to ensure sugar dissolves. Cover and let stand 5-10 minutes. Strain and allow to cool and refrigerate. Discard solids.

Pour into a wide mouthed jug or a punch bowl. Bowl is probably easier, if you have one. Add strawberries and mint garnishes.

*Just* prior to serving, add the ice and the mineral water/ champers/wine. Offer around before the bubbles disappear.

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