Tea: Tea Sherbet

posted by Liz Thomas 11-20-102 9:26 PM

Tea Sherbet
Makes about 1.5 litres

A handful of strawberries, or bits of fresh orange peel and a few mint leaves, floating on the surface is a pretty touch which you may add to your sherbet. .

4 tsp Ceylon tea leaves
1 lt boiling water
Small block of ice or ice cubes
350 g sugar
5 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 lt sparkling mineral water

Put the tea leaves in a jug and pour the boiling water on them. Cover tightly and let stand 5 minutes. Strain and leave to cool. Put the ice into a punch bowl and sprinkle it with the sugar and strain over the lemon juice. Add the tea and just before serving add the sparkling mineral water.

Note: Perhaps easier to half fill glasses with the tea mixture and top up with sparkling mineral water at time of serving.

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