Deviled: Easter Deviled Eggs

posted by tampasmom 03-29-103 4:28 AM

Easter Deviled Eggs

Hard boil 1 dozen eggs and peel.

Slice eggs lengthwise, gently remove the yolks and place in a medium bowl. Place whites on a platter that you've lined with assorted greens, imitating a lawn.

Prepare your favorite basic deviled egg mixture. Divide the yolk mixture equally into three small bowls.

First Bowl: Add 1 tsp. curry powder
Second Bowl: Add 1 tsp. of grated beet
Third Bowl: Add 1 tsp of pesto

Adjust the additions to your taste, or to increase the intensity of the colors that develop.
Stuff the eggs whites, arrange on the platter, and step back as your guests ooohh and aahhhh!

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