Fried: Eggs Ozarkia

posted by prca30 12-01-102 12:13 AM

"Eggs Ozarkia" ("Eggs Ozarkian")

1 Biscuit, baked and cut in half
2 eggs, fried
sausage gravy, seasoned with salt and gravy
real sharp chedder cheese, cut in small block slices

Lay 2 baked biscuits halves on oven proof plate. Put the 2 fried eggs on biscuit halves, one egg per biscuit half. Ladle the sausage gravy generously over the eggs and biscuits. Put the chedder cheese block slices on top of the sausage gravy covered biscuits and eggs. Broil the biscuits and eggs until the chedder cheese softens. Serve with hashbrowns that has peanuts added in and fresh fruit salsa.

Recipe History Note: The "Eggs Ozarkia" ("Eggs Ozarkian") recipe has originated from Arkansas.

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