Scrambled: Creamy Scrambled Eggs by Mimi

posted by Mimi Hiller 09-10-100 2:27 PM

Creamy Scrambled Eggs

1 dozen eggs
1/2 cup water
salt, pepper, to taste
1 Tbl. fresh herbs, minced (such as rosemary or thyme)
4 Tbl. unsalted butter, divided
1 Tbl. flour
1 cup milk

Beat the eggs with water, add salt, pepper and herbs.

Melt 3 Tbl. butter in large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add eggs and scramble till cooked through.

In a saucepan, melt the remaining 1 Tbl. butter and whisk in flour. Slowly add milk, whisking constantly. Cook over medium-high heat till thickened. Add salt and pepper, to taste.

Stir the thickened white sauce into the scrambled eggs until thoroughly combined. Cover pan and put in warm oven. Keeps well for at least 2 hours, if they don't get eaten first.

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