Scrambled: Shipwreck Breakfast

posted by Becky 04-20-102 3:46 PM

Shipwreck (or Calamity) Breakfast
Preparation Method: Fry Pan or Dutch Oven
Number Served: 12

1 1/2 dozen eggs
1 lb. bacon
6 large potatoes, cubed* see substitutions below
1 med. chopped onion, chopped
1 hunk (10 oz or so) grated cheese

Cut up and fry bacon, remove and drain part of grease. Add cubed potatoes and chopped onion. Cook til potatoes are almost done, then add eggs, cook and stir. When eggs are done add cheese and serve.

Substitutions: Hashbrowns for potatoes, crushed cheese crackers for cheese, can also omit onion.
Recipe Contributed By: Katrina Jameson and Cadette Troop 5074 Durango, Colorado
Girl Scouts of Chaparral Council, Inc., USA

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