Eggplant Mourapa (Sweet Eggplant Preserves)

Posted by: Angel 11-10-99 5:47 PM

Eggplant Mourapa (Sweet Eggplant Preserves)
Category, Preserves

1 kg baby eggplants, 2 lbs
Lime water: 1/2 kg (*) burnt lime (gir or kir) for 5 L (**) water
water, for rinsing
11/2 kg sugar, 3 lbs
400 gr water, 131/4 fl ounces
cloves, cinnamon, cardamon, to taste

Choose baby eggplants no bigger than 5-6 sm. Peel them with peeler and place in lime water for 40 minutes. Rinse with cold water and strain.

Boil water and place strained eggplants in boiling water, cook for 5-7 minutes, drain water and cool down eggplants.

Make syrup, bring it to boil and place cooled eggplants in it. Cook 30-35 minutes, remove from heat and keep it like that for two hours. Repeat that operation 3 more times, add spices and cook until ready.

(*), 1/2 K = 1 lb
(**) 5 1/4 quarts

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