Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles (Kapusta Guluska)

posted by alsgirl 09-04-98 9:09 PM

Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles (Kapusta Guluska)

1 lg Cabbage (any kind works fine), about 3lbs., cored and thinly sliced (about 8 c.)
1 ts Salt
3 TB Vegetable oil
1 TB Sugar
Onion, chopped
Freshly ground black pepper
12 oz. Pkg. Egg Noodles
1 TB Poppy seeds, optional

Sprinkle cabbage with salt; let stand about 30 minutes. Squeeze dry; blot on paper towels.
Heat oil in 12" skillet; add sugar and heat until sugar browns. Add onions cook until they start to wilt. Stir in cabbage; saute turning frequently, until tender, about 20 min. Season to taste with pepper. Transfer cabbage mixture and pan juices to lg. bowl; keep warm.

Cook noodles in boiling salted water until tender; drain. Quickly toss noodles with cabbage mixture and some poppy seeds,if using. Serve immediately.

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