Moldavian Eggplant Givetch

posted by Mimi Hiller 02-21-101 3:07 PM

Moldavian Eggplant Givetch

1 Onion - white or red
2 Eggplants - cut in half
2 Bell peppers - large - red and yellow, preferred
2 tomatoes large
3-4 tbsp Olive oil
2 tbsp crushed garlic
2 tbsp chopped green spice like, cilantro or green onion for decoration
salt and pepper to taste
optional: use canned stewed tomatoes instead of fresh ones, add 1-2 tbsp of sesame oil to taste

All ingredients are cooked separately, but simultaneously and then mixed in a bowl.

1) Eggplants:
a. Cut in half and lightly salt
b. Place an eggplant in a small paper bag, or just cover and put into the microwave
c. Approximate microwave time is 7 to 10 min, or until the eggplant has changed color is visibly
d. Remove the skin, and cut the remaining vegetable into small pieces
e. Place in a mixing bowl

2) Bell Peppers & Onions:
a. cut Bell Peppers and Onions into thin circles, and then cut each pepper round into two/three parts
b. in a sauteing pan, place onions first, and then add peppers in a couple of minutes
c. saute in oil approximately 5-10 min, or as you wish
d. you can chop tomatoes and add them to the pan 2-3 minutes before the end or use a can of steamed tomatoes to add right into the

3) Final Mix:
a. add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl
b. Add crushed garlic, salt, pepper, and cilantro (you don't have to use this herb if you don't like it)
c. I normally add at least a tbsp. of sesame oil just for the taste

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