Cod Fish Loaf

osted by Pat T 03-25-99 7:28 AM

Cod Fish Loaf

3 c. Bisquick
1 c. milk
1-1/2 lb. dry cod fish (soak 2 to 3 days)
2 green peppers, chopped
3 onions, chopped
1 small jar pimentos, diced
1 can tomato paste
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Mix Bisquick and milk to make dough. After soaking fish for 2 or 3 days (changing water everyday); simmer fish, drain thoroughly and cool. Bone and flake.

In frying pan, put 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil; Saute peppers and onions. Add pimentos and spices. Add cod fish; heat through. Add tomato paste, then turn off stove.

Place half of dough in a greased and floured 8 x 8-inch pan; fill with fish mixture. Cover with rest of dough; brush with olive oil. Bake until golden brown in 350 degrees oven.

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