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posted by ramon 03-31-101 9:28 AM

Salt cod is always prepared in the same way. It is put in cold water for at least one day, changing the water several times until it increases volume and is not salty. Then it is put in a large pot, covered with water and slowly brought to a boil. It should not boil but rather just simmer, not even bubbling, and let cook about 20 minutes. The water is discarded, and skin and bones are removed, leaving only the meat. From this point are the recipes applied, usually without salt added since the fish will be salty.

Cod with spinach: This is a different recipe for cod, which is usually made with a thick sauce with plenty of tomatoes, see next recipe. However, it is usually well liked.

Take the cod meat as above, cover with flour and fry until golden. Reserve.

In a pan for the oven, put a layer of potatoes lightly fried, cut round, put the cod pieces on top, and cover with a thick layer of spinach only just blanched. Pour some cream on top and some grated cheese and put in a hot oven for some minutes until it is gratined.

Cod as in Vizcaya: This is a very old Spanish recipe. While it is the "typical" way in which cod is prepared, I mean with tomatoes and peppers, it has some unusual preparation that really improves taste and presentation. The end of the recipe I will translate as exactly as possible so you get a feeling for its age. :-))

The cod prepared as above is floured and fried until golden, and put aside

Cut about 1/2 kilo of onions in fine slices and fry in about 1/2 liter of very good oil, olive oil recommended. Once transparent, add 1 kg of fresh tomatoes, peeled and diced, and continue frying.

In another pot, fry 1 onion finely minced, and when ready add 1/2 kg of fresh tomatoes, peeled and diced, 6 small red peppers, and 2 slices of sandwich bread previously fried, and well dried out. Cook until done, then process it and add through a strainer to the onion and tomato sauce done in the other pot, mixing it well.

Finally, add the cod pieces, let cook for about 15 minutes, and just before serving, cover it with dried bread crumbs and put in a hot oven for it to brown. Goes well with boiled potatoes.

The recipe says "...brown the surface in an oven or salamander, and if none were available, putting over the pot some cover with coals on top, in the old way." Quaint!

Cod Balls: This is an excellent appetizer or entree, and lets you use the small pieces of cod left over after the skinning and boning.

The cod prepared as told, is minced or processed.

In a bowl, mix well the cod, the yolks of 4 eggs, some pepper, and 3 tablespoons of flour. Then add carefully to this mixture the whites of the 4 eggs whipped to ....??( we call it here "to snow", I don't know the correct term in English, but you should get the idea. A stiff meringue thing).

Shape balls with a spoon of the size you want them, and drop in very hot oil until done. Don't overcook, leave soft and fluffy. Drain and serve hot, sprinkled with parsley.

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