Fish: Fish Pie

posted by ramon 11-28-102 2:54 PM

Fish Pie

Pie Crust
1 Tablespoon butter
1 large onion chopped fine
Fish (whiting or hake or similar), deboned, about 1 lb, seasoned with lemon
1 can of tuna fish, cut in large chunks
2 chopped hardboiled eggs
1 can of red pimentos cut in strips (or fresh bell peppers, peeled)
Black and Green pitted olives
1 can of berberechos (small clams)

Line a buttered pie plate with a crust.

Saute onion and combine with the tuna. Spread this and the other ingredients in layers on the pie plate, and cover with another crust, folding the edges. Brush the pie crust with egg and cook in a modertae (350) oven until crust is a golden brown.

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