Halibut: Potato-Crusted Halibut

posted by Connie 01-06-103 5:13 PM

Potato-Crusted Halibut

10 oz. bag of crushed potato chips
4-8 oz filet of halibut
1 1/2 oz. olive oil

Get a pan and put the crushed potato chips into the pan and then cover the halibut with the crushed potato chips on both sides. Warm the saute pan, add olive oil. Dip the halibut filet into the potato chips and make sure the halibut is completely covered on both sides. Once oil is warm, add halibut filet into the pan. When the halibut is cooked on one side, flip over. Put into a baking dish and place into the oven at 500 degrees and bake for 6 -8 minutes. Crust should not brown; it should be the same color as the potato chips.

from the Broadway Bar & Grill in Glendale, CA

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