Salmon: Cedar Grilled Salmon

posted by vpmarina 06-04-102 1:08 PM

Cedar Grilled Salmon
Sunset magazine years ago

Soak a piece of cedar wood (from the home improvement store) in a bottle of inexpensive pinot noir wine for several hours. For the last hour or two before grilling add a side of salmon filet.

Place salmon on top of the wood and sprigs of thyme on top of the fish. Grill with the lid down to capture all the yummy smoke. The salmon is protected from drying out by the wood and looks almost lacquered when cooked. The wood will be charred on the bottom so don't worry. The aroma will have the neighbors drooling.

A side dish suggested by the magazine was grilled corn that had been soaked in a sweet white German wine, Gerwurtztraminer. It is soooo delicious. Remember, carefully pull down the green husks and pull out the silk & discard. Next, pull the green husks back up and then soak the corn cobs, husk and all in the wine (or water if you prefer).

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