Grilled Salmon by Southern

posted by Southern 10-19-98 6:16 AM

Grilled Salmon

1 salmon, cleaned (3 to 5 pounds)
1/2 pound bacon, sliced

Cut two pieces of new chicken wire to a size that is larger than the fish. Split salmon and open flat, but do not remove the backbone. Place salmon (cut side up) on one piece of chicken wire. Cover salmon with bacon slices. Place the other piece of chicken wire on top, then twist edges together to secure both pieces of chicken wire.

Place on grill rack, 15 to 18 inches above hot coals, cut side down. Grill until cut side is lightly browned, then turn and cook until skin side is almost black. Remove from wire and place on heated serving platter. Discard bacon. Season with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Serves 6 to 10.

SOURCE: Southern Living’s Outdoor Cookbook (Birmingham, AL: Oxmoor House, 1976)

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