Salmon Jerky (2)

SueA  posted 04-08-98 
  Found this at New England Surfcaster 

  Salmon Jerky 

  Jerky is an excellent method for preserving salmon, especially late 
season spawners. The flesh is salted, smoked and dried. The finished 
product should be firm, dry and tough, yet not dry enough to crumble 
to the touch. When chewed, there should be some resiliency or rubbery 
characteristics to the meat. 

1. Thoroughly clean the fish, rinse, and pat dry. 

2. Cut boneless, skinned fillets into strip 1/2-3/4 inches wide. 

3. Place jerky strips in brine solution (1/2 cup of pickling salt per 
gallon of water) for at least 12 hours. Make sure brine completely covers 
fish flesh. Hold brine temperature at 40 F.(refrigerator temperatures) or 
less to prevent bacterial spoilage. 

4. After brining, freshen the strips by immersing in fresh, cold running 
water for 30 minutes to 1 hour to remove excess salt. Then place the strips 
on wire screens or hooks and allow them to dry on the surface. (If using a
screen turning at 1 hour intervals to keep from sticking.) This process can
be done in the smokehouse or smoker. If done in an oven with a fan it requires
4 to 5 hours.

5. Dry and smoke the strips of fish for approximately 12 hours at 150 F. 
The time in the smoker will depend a great deal upon the amount of moisture
in the flesh at the beginning of the process and the temperature of the
smoker. Check at regular intervals and remove the fish before too dry. 

  STORAGE: The finished jerky should be stored in air tight containers, such as sealed glass jars or
  foil. Jerky keeps for months in this condition if all the fat was removed from the flesh prior to

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