Salmon Salad

 Cissy   posted 04-24-98 

Salmon Salad
  (1 serving) 

  1 4-6 oz. slice of salmon fillet (from the thick end) 
  2 tsp each: fresh thyme, fresh dill, fresh oregano, 
  fresh basil 
  1 tsp fresh French tarragon 
  1 tsp oil 

  mixed fresh greens -- as much as you like for a salad 
  sliced green onions 
  your favorite vinaigrette dressing 

  Combine herbs and mince finely. Pat herbs all over 
  salmon, including skin. 
  Heat a black cast-iron fry pan until hot. Add half of 
  oil and salmon, skin-side down. Fry for a couple of 
  minutes, then turn to fry other side, using additional 
  oil as necessary. Do not overcook! Salmon should be 
  slightly rare at the center and not at all dry. 
  Dress mixed greens and onions with vinaigrette, then 
  place cooked salmon on top. 


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