Monica's Shrimp Brochette

posted by mrs ruffus 09-14-98 8:58 AM

Monica's Shrimp Brochette

5 lbs Prawn Shrimp
Large Bottle of French Dressing
1 purple Onion (Long thin slices)
1 Big Bell Pepper(Long thin slices)
Monteray Pepper Jack Cheese (Long thin slices)
Cheddar Cheese (Long thin slices)
1 lb Bacon (i use black hawk maple bacon)
Box of tooth pick's
2 throw away foil pizza pan's w holes in it
Tony Z's Box of dirty rice or can make your own dirty rice

Take your Prawn shrimp and devine them place in a deep bowl cover with French dressing and place in freezer while you prepare your other ingredient's.

Now start your grill, next take and cut onion, pepper, cheeses all in long thin slices.

Now take your shrimp, open it up and place inside it onion, bell pepper , one of the cheese's.

Place on grill and cook slowly like 30 to 40 minutes till there turning golden color and to which cheese is melted.

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