Bananas Foster

posted by Chefmom 03-28-99 8:53 PM

Many of my recipes from school read like this, but my Chef's recipe (he's cooked for kings!!) reads like this:

As many bananas as you need, about 1 - 1 1/2 per person for a "healthy" serving, cut in two or three pieces, and slit in the middle.

Heat your saute pan, add butter until it is covered well. When the butter loses its foam, add brown sugar until you get a guilty feeling (quite a lot!!). Let the sugar melt and bubble, then add bananas, saute only until they soften and warm through, you don't want them to be mushy.

Pour a healthy amount of dark rum over the top and ignite, after the flame disappears, serve over ice cream. Optional garnish is shopped pecans.

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